Wanted to share pictures from our fishing trip, October 7, 2012, and thank you both for a "Great Day" on the Skagit and a memorable experience for our grandson's, Zac (12) and Andrew (7), along with myself. The kids talked all the way home about the trip, not surprising with Andrew, and they could hardly wait to tell their families and to brag about it at school today. We can not express our appreciation enough for making this fishing trip a very special day and, Wayne, you have a special gift and limitless patience for working and teaching young people and us old timers too about your passion for the outdoors and the love of fishing. We will definitely be looking forward to another trip with you and recommending your guide service to our family and friends. Thank you very much!
Dave and Jane R, Arlington, WA

What a delightful, and unexpected, surprise to arrive home and find a thank you from you. The thank yous are returned triple-fold to you. Jean and I both loved our voyage on the river. Good company, laughter, hot chocolate, fascinating information, peaceful beauty all around...not to mention the stately birds...what better way to spend a morning. We certainly hope to come again and will recommend your guide service to others.
I had opened my computer to write you a note; you beat me to the proverbial punch. Thank you, thank to you yet again. Also a special thanks to your lovely blue-eyed wife who was so pleasant and helpful each time I called to make arrangements.

Thank you. I very much enjoyed the eagle watching tour and hopefully will have time to do it again before I have to head home to NY. You all were great and I would highly recommend to anyone to choose you guys when doing a river tour. Well worth the money and the time. Two thumbs up!

We had such a ball, we thought maybe today we'd scale Mt. Baker... The weather was to be expected..It's Washington in January..BUT...If we had a suggestion for the future it would be to put us with a more talkative and fun loving Group..So maybe we'll bring our own "6" next time or maybe just 5 and Melissa can ride too..I'll bring the snacks and Dee will bring the Schnapps..How does that sound? Don't worry, we'll be spreading the word..Our eagles club in Burlington thinks we're COOL, they didn't think we'd do it especially in crummy weather. And the guys at the Rockport tavern enjoyed our wet AND BEDRAGGLED LOOK when we walked in.. So all in all it was terrific.. Thanks, Kim, Dee and Terry.

The Walking friends had two marvelous float trips today. I just wanted to thank you for all you did to make our float trip so perfect. Your guides are the best. My husband loved that they giving him the opportunity to do a little fishing along the way. We were all grateful to have those boat heaters and the hot chocolate to warm us. I'm so glad that you arranged to have the use of the warm place to meet up and have lunch. We appreciated all you did! We will recommend you to our friends and look forward to another river adventure with your company.
Many Thanks,
Marsha R and Naida G

We just wanted to let you know what a great time we had last weekend on our Eagle tour. Jerry and I were both very impressed with how well you maneuvered the boat, and how hard you worked at getting us in the right spot for the best possible pictures during our trip. The heaters in the boat were very much appreciated as well. We will definitely be recommending your service to the other members of our photo club. Kathy

 I bought my Mom and Dad a Gift certificate for a Skagit eagle trip last weekend (Seth & Victoria). They asked me to send you a thank you email, and tell you that it was a wonderful trip for them. After hearing what a great time they had we are interested in setting up a trip for ourselves and our 3 girls. 6, 12 and 13. Can you please forward to me any open dates you may have over the next 2 weekends. Jeff

We were on an eagle float Sunday with Brian as our guide. All of our group wanted to send our thank you to Brian for showing us such a great time. He made it a very pleasant experience, and all of us appreciated how easy going and informative he was. I've taken quite a few different guided trips doing various things over the years, and have to say that your customer service is Top Notch. From the first email, to the heated boats it's obvious you are there for your clients. Thanks from the Larson family.

Thanks for an awesome trip! Seeing so many Eagles feeding at one time was impressive, my wife got some really great photos! We will definitely be back next year. Dale M.

Thanks again for accommodating us on such short notice. We had a great time yesterday and wanted to let you know how happy we were with our guide. What an awesome guide! He gave us lots of info about the area and birds, and kept us laughing all day. He really made it an exceptional trip. Doug J.

My wife, Steph, and I got to fish with you a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to say thanks!  That was our first time in Washington, and first time catching salmon on light tackle.  We had an excellent time catching fish, and getting a little insite on some of your Alaskan adventures, and fishing business!
Thanks again,

Chuck & his family headed back today so I forwarded it on. We had such a great time and shared our photos with family who came over for dinner last night. We did get a few really good shots including the close up of the eagle on the shore. I definitely want to come back next Dec. with my family so keep me on your mailing list. And I can't think of a thing you could do to improve what you do. It was stellar.
Take care,

Your trip was a great and wonderful adventure for us.  Thanks for the care and consideration in all that you did to make the excursion an awesome experience.
Best wishes,

We had a great time and have nothing but praise for you and how you organize everything.  Indeed, we recommended you to our friends, Pam and John and I think they plan on joining one of your trips next weekend.  They're delightful people and John a terrific photographer so I hope it works out.  cheers, Elizabeth

Skagit River,
We appreciated your "thank you" email as well as the Whitewater Rafting Trip on May 22nd. The Skagit is an awesome river and we really appreciated the effort your company has put into making the experience something all of us will remember.  It's not to often that we find personable people at the other end of the phone as well as guides that enjoy their time on the water.  Excellent Job! 
The Whitmans.  John, Carol and the twins.


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